ABOUT GOKARNA : Gokarna is a Hindu pilgrimage town on the western coast of the peninsular India in the state of Karnataka. Known for its temples and beaches, the name Gokarna means, ‘Cow’s Ear’, as per the Hindu mythology and houses a Lord Shiva temple, what is believed to be an original image of the god - Shiva lingam. The town celebrates the most famous festival ‘Shiva Ratri’ during the month February/March every year. Not just being the home for religious celebrations, ethnicity and history, Gokarna is also well known for its rustic and raw nature. With its clear and pristine beaches, breath taking mountain ranges, relaxed atmosphere and amazing food, Gokarna is an attraction for beach lovers. As said by our own Dinakar Desai to his beloved wife, a renowned poet from the region- On one side a dense forest and on the other is the vast and deep sea, In the middle lie the coconut and the areca nut trees; This land in the Western Ghats is my shelter, my cover, Here is where I belong and this is where I will be re-born.

LOCAL SIGHT SEEING : In today’s date, more than a pilgrimage centre Gokarna has made news as a tourist destination and is witnessing younger and adventure loving travellers. These solace seeking travellers are here to cherish the welcoming nature that fulfil ones aspirations, the quaint and picturesque ocean front that moves in a relaxed pace, the restaurants on the sandy retreats that offers pleasant music and a variety of food and the coconut grooves. Gokarna beaches are well known among the foreign travellers too and offers a perfect mix of Indian and westerns travellers. Gokarna has a number of places to offer.

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